Anahat for Change Foundation has a vision for a safe and inclusive environment for children and women and society at large. From its contribution to the Lalana Campaign to training women on how to make Anahat-Unnati cloth pads and making them financially independent to awareness campaigns to save the environment, Anahat is doing some groundbreaking work.

My association with Anahat For Change Foundation has been a wonderful one. I can confidently admit that no other firm or team would have allowed a better development of my skills. One of the most unique things about my time at Anahat as an intern was that my ideas and suggestions were given equal importance as that of fellow members. Even when I was not working as a core member of any specific project but only as an assistant for the larger success of the events, I was not only made a part of discussions and meetings but always allowed to voice my opinions and they were often incorporated whenever found valuable.

I am very grateful for the feedback and the step-by-step guidance I have been provided with on my work on the training manual (both Hindi and English).

This internship has also helped me to understand myself better. I came to learn that my urge to be punctual with my work has helped me to become a careful planner who can manage time according to the demands of the situation. The co-operation, support, and encouragement of my teammates have helped me become more confident than when I had joined the Anahat team. I have been entrusted to shoulder important responsibilities that have made me confident in my abilities to fulfil both basic as well as major tasks of the organization.

When I attended the session at Tiyas School, I discovered how Anahat and its members not only spread awareness about menstrual hygiene and sustainable living but also bring a smile onto the face of every child by helping them deal with dilemmas and mythsTheir courageous step towards ending the stigma around menstruation by educating and encouraging young girls and adult women to talk and ask questions was inspirational.

At a time when no one is uplifting and empowering the marginalized people, Anahat is not only educating them but also making them equipped to empower others. They are a relatively new organization but their passion to help society for its greater well-being is comparable to the best of the names in the field. It understands that every bit counts and thus participates wholly and solely to make a difference.

Anahat For Change Foundation

Registered address: 28, Diamond Harbour Road, Behala, Kolkata 700060

Branch Address: 14, Pathak Para Road, Behala, Kolkata- 700060