Our COVID19 Response

As the world drew to a halt, we had all hands on deck!

Covid Relief in

Rural India

In our urge to curb the spread of infection in rural India, we are supporting more than 2300 households in Masat Subcentre and 2100 households in Raghunathnagar Sub Centre in South 24 Paraganas. We have engaged 15 ASHA workers in the area who are visiting door-to-door to provide health check-up, hygiene kits (masks & sanitizers) and helping individuals register for vaccination. Moreover, a miking van travels in the area disseminating important message on vaccination. We are also providing 2 weeks of ration to covid affected families in order to enable them to isolate completely.

How we helped

Like in any other disaster, women and children are highly vulnerable. They are the ones who are most affected- physically and mentally. Our campaign “Bleed in Peace” helped in providing access to sustainable menstrual hygiene products- cloth pads and underwear to women and adolescent girls in vulnerable areas of West Bengal. We distributed more than 6000 hygiene kits during the months of lockdown. This campaign also became a source of livelihood for women making the kits in our workshop. We were supported by Paint It Red and German Consulate Kolkata in this endeavor.

But wait, there’s more

Soon after the lockdown, we joined hands with UNICEF West Bengal for the campaign “Aapnar Mask I Aapnar Porichoy”– COVID mitigation response in 3 wards of Kolkata. Under this campaign, we trained 100 self-help group women from the slums of Kolkata to make fabric cloth masks (GOI standards) and assisted them throughout household distribution in major slums of Kolkata. We also conducted a perception study with SHG’s and community members regarding mask usage and their knowledge on the subject.

And more support from us

As several states across India have been reporting acute shortage of oxygen and hospital beds during the second wave of pandemic, it has become a real challenge for Covid-infected people in Coochbehar district of West Bengal. To combat the ongoing second wave and forthcoming third wave and to help the hospitals,  we supported the Coochbehar Govt with the help of Give India Foundation with 284 D’type Oxygen cylinders, 200 Oxygen flowmeters and 50 Oxygen regulators as per their requirement which has been distributed at three sub divisional rural hospitals and one district medical college & hospital in Coochbehar district.

Covid Relief Report 

The second wave of COVID – 19 was raging across India with devastating impact.We at Anahat provided relief during this disaster and delivered large scale  support to the affected citizens where the need was the greatest with your support.

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