Adolescent Empowerment Program

Anahat undertakes “Adolescent Empowerment Program” in schools where we create awareness among adolescent girls and boys regarding gender & sexuality. We undertake participatory sessions with the school students to engage them in various ways so that they can have an in-depth understanding of the harmful societal norms.

In our session we create awareness of their rights, promote agency, develop negotiation skills and encourage inter-gender and inter-generational dialogues on the issues that most affect them, encouraging them to be more confident and help build self-worth. 

Our session covers topic like, role of gender in eyes of society, masculinity, gender biasness & stereotypes, sexuality, Role of Consent & boundaries and mental health during puberty. We also give them home work after session which include discussing the topics in their household and trying to change the age old traditional harmful norms prevalent in the society.

We create “peer leaders” who acts as Agents of Change and mobilizes the community and their immediate environment on our behalf. They become our voices in society. Together with the peer leaders we try to built a more gender equitable environment in the society.