WASH Studies in Schools and Rural Communities

Making Basic WASH Facilites Accessible 

The poor access to water supply is a prevalent issue in over 850 million people worldwide with over 2.5 billion limited by access to sanitation facilities.The global burden of disease and mortality rates could be reduced by about 9.1% and 6.3%, respectively, if rapid success is attained in facilitating access to water, sanitation, and hygiene facilities.Anahat conducts research studies in schools and communities revolving around WASH and its various sub-topics. Anahat’s study on Menstrual Hygiene Management in Government schools of West Bengal talks about attitude, behaviour, practices of adolescent girls in schools of West Bengal and also provides factual data on infrastructural gaps in a Government school set up. Along with research studies Anahat has also implemented WASH projects in schools in collaboration with corporates and NGO’s. With the support of LG electronics we provided safe drinking water facility in 6 Government Schools of Kolkata.

Our pan-India team of surveyors have successfully assessed IHHT (Individual Household Toilets) built under Swaccha Bharat Mission in 7000 housholds across 16 states  and 26 disticts of India. The assessment revolved around construction of toilets, infrastructural issues, cleanliness, usage of toilets and awareness regarding sanitation. Both qualitative and quantitative method are being used in the survey.

Moments from our programme