Happy Periods Programme

Menstruation Matters

Anahat For Change Foundation’s “Happy Periods Programmeis tackling period poverty and stigma  surrounding menstruation in a sustainable, collaborative and ethical way.

We have been teaching all children and adults, irrespective of gender identity, about their body, its emotional and physical needs. We aim to address the issue of body shaming, impact period positivity  with focus on sustainable periods. We question socio-cultural status quo and provide answers around the following topics:

  • Menstrual Health and hygiene

  • Menstrual products- use, maintenance and economic viability

  • Environment safety and pollution

  • Busting myths and taboos around menstruation

Through “Happy Periods Programme” we address the need for vulnerable women to find valuable and meaningful work. The women who we employ come from various disadvantaged backgrounds, many students and single mothers trying to support their families.

These women stitch Anahat Unnati Cloth Pads and also promotes the use and care of the pads. By employing them we wish to give them both a source of income, as well as help them learn new skills. We have so far trained more than 100 women from different organizations to stitch cloth pads and other sustainable products.

Moments from Our Programme